“The Trade Compliance Group has produced an outstanding International Best Practices project under the sponsorship of Thales with the support of key agencies in the United States and Australia. With its 27 year track record, this global trade consultancy has been the source of invaluable guidance for us, and it can do the same thing for you, guiding your company through the full implementation of the Export Control Reform initiative.”

Jason L. Brown, National Security Director
Thales Australia & New Zealand

“I am pleased and grateful for the outcome of our audit process. I want to thank your project team for staying on-track and leading the process to meet its goals. Your excellent guidance contributed greatly to the progress. I want you to know that we really appreciated your services.”

Sunny Kim, VP Operations and Trade Compliance
Alpine Aerospace Corp

As a high growth company in the software Technology arena it was inevitable that KEMP would expand into new markets outside our domestic United States. In order to ensure compliance with US export regulations we sought recommendations for a team of subject matter experts. The Trade Compliance Group received very strong backing from trusted advisors. Our experience throughout the engagement have been very positive. They provide Professional, prompt and skilled consulting. I have no hesitation in recommending the firm.

Ray Downes , CEO
KEMP Technologies

“The team at the Trade Compliance Group have expertly guided our personnel to create and implement an excellent export control process at Parametric Solutions Inc. Originally, they devised our export process and educated our staff in yearly export compliance awareness training. And most importantly, they provided concise advice on the detailed export questions that we have posed over the years with speed and skill. With expert guidance we feel confident in our export process.

Parametric Solutions Inc
Catharine Barre

“As a global provider of network infrastructure solutions, Enterasys exports to over 100 countries worldwide. We’ve been working in partnership with the Trade Compliance Group for more than 12 years to ensure that our global processes remain compliant with US export & reexport regulations. Their professional and knowledgeable consultants provide us expert guidance in all matters relating to licensing, product classification, regulatory updates and general compliance. We look forward to continuing this partnership.

Gerry Hanrahan, Director of Global Logistics & Trade Compliance