Need Denied Party Screening Services?

We offer comprehensive denied parties screening services and solutions that enable you to maintain compliance with federal and international rules and regulations with ease. Whether you need to conduct a  a single bulk screening, or regularly conduct batch screenings we have a service to meet your compliance needs and reduce your risks.

At the Trade Compliance Group, our consultants can scan your list of customers, prospects, or partners against our comprehensive database of denied and restricted parties and provide you with a report detailing the potential risks that were identified, saving you time, money and ensuring your compliance with federal and international rules and regulations.

Denial Lists

  • Restricted Parties – License Required

  • Department of Commerce Entity List – End-User Requiring License (ERL); 15 CFR Part 744 Supplement No. 4

  • Department of Commerce General Orders (RFC); 15 CFR Part 736

Denied Parties

  • Department of Commerce Denials List (TDO);15 CFR Part 764 Supplement No. 2

  • Specially Designated Nationals and Vessels of: (31 CFR ex Parts 500-590)

  • Belarus, Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, Cuba, Iraq,  Iran,  Lebanon,  Liberia,  Libya, Myanmar – Burma, North Korea, Sudan,  Syria, Western Balkans, Zimbabwe

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferators

  • Non-SDN Palestinian Legislative Council

  • Specially Designated Terrorists

  • Specially Designated Global Terrorists

  • Specially Designated Narcotic Traffickers

  • Debarred List (DOS); 22 CFR Part 127.7 ITAR; Arms Export Control Act, Sec. 38

  • Missile Proliferators (MT); 22 CFR Part 126

  • Chemical and Biological Weapons Proliferators (CBW); 22 CFR Part 126

  • Designated Terrorist Organization (DTO); 22 CFR Part 126

  • Iran Nonproliferation Act of 2000 (inpa); 22 CFR Part 126

  • Iran and Syria Nonproliferation Act (isna) ; 22 CFR Part 126

  • Sanctions for the Transfer of Lethal Military Equipment (lme); 22 CFR Part 126

Parties of Concern

  • Department of Commerce Unverified List – Red Flag Concerns (RFC); 15 CFR Part 732 Supplement No. 3

  • European Union Sanctions List

  • Unverified List – “Red Flag”

  • Japanese End User List (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry – METI)

  • UK List – WMD End-Use Control: Licence Applications for Iran

  • Financial Crimes Enforcement Network list (FINCEN).

  • United Nations Security Council Sanctions (UNS)

  • Additional Non-Standard Offerings

  • GSA Debarred Bidders List – Reciprocal

  • GSA Debarred Bidders List -Non-Procurement

  • GSA Debarred Bidders List – Procurement)

  • Australian Consolidated List

  • Bank of England – Financial Sanctions

  • Canadian Restricted Entities

  • World Bank – List of Debarred/Ineligible Firms

  • FBI Most Wanted List

  • Swiss Restricted List (SECO)

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