Need an Export License?

Our export compliance and strategic export control consultants include former Commerce and State Department officials and experienced export lawyers who also advise U.S. Government export control and trade control agencies.

We examine specific transactions and advise whether an export license or other authorization may be required. If government approval is needed, e.g., for equipment, software, encryption technology, or employment of non-U.S. nationals in sensitive positions, we also guide exporters through the maze of regulatory requirements.

Examples include filing for a Commerce Department dual-use or State Department munitions export license, guidance on the availability and use of various official “exceptions” to licenses, requests for Advisory Opinions to confirm that a export license may not be required, or one-on-one meetings with government officials to solve a particular issue.

Our well-known experts work regularly with key players both inside and outside the U.S. Government, and can provide first-hand insight into how specific transactions may best go forward. In addition to determining export licensing requirements and preparing and filing export license applications, we assist our clients with obtaining approval of Technical Assistance Agreements and Manufacturing License Agreements.

We monitor trade legislation and regulation on an ongoing basis and advise non-U.S. companies on licensing requirements for reexports of U.S. products and the export of non U.S. goods that contain U.S. content, software and technology. Additionally, we provide clients guidance on voluntary disclosures and anti-boycott regulations; and advice on export compliance issues affecting universities and university-based research programs.

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