Proper classification for export is the foundation to any Export Compliance Program. Many of the critical compliance processes rely on classification information such as: reasons for control, license requirements, license exceptions, and, in some cases, applicability of sanctions and embargoes. Proper classification is the first — and most important step — towards avoiding the costs of export violations or unnecessarily restrictive classifications.

Our experienced consultants have the technical expertise and the hands-on experience to classify products across the varied and numerous technologies contained in the Commerce Control List (CCL) and the United States Munitions List (USML). Moreover, both our U.S. and international consultants in Europe and Asia have extensive experience in accurately and efficiently classifying foreign products that are subject to the regulatory agencies of other governments.

The Trade Compliance Group also offers cost-effective solutions to bulk classification needs where tens of thousands of parts must be classified quickly and efficiently. If necessary, after the bulk classifications are done, our consultants can help develop a company-specific classification process tailored to the needs and products of your business. We can also assist with any technical assistance or training on an as needed basis.

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