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Online Learning Programs

Looking for a turnkey learning solution or content for your LMS?

We offer a variety of flexible, cost-effective options to meet your needs. If you have a corporate learning management solution and simply need SCORM compliant content, or a turnkey learning management solution, we have a solution to fit your needs. We currently offer broad lessons on the following topics developed by experts with decades of experience dealing with U.S. Export Controls, Defense Trade Controls, and International Trade Controls including:

  • Mastering Export Compliance
    Mastering Export Compliance is a valuable video based awareness-training program on export compliance. This program provides a general overview of export controls as well as the government agencies that administer them. It reviews the basics of export control regulations. It is also the perfect companion to the training element of an Internal Control Program. The program features easy-to-understand presentations enhanced with colorful graphics, music and reenactments. Upon completion of the program students can take the “Mastering Export Compliance” test assessment.


  • Deemed Exports
    Deemed Exports is an invaluable video awareness training tool that helps exporters, universities and research laboratories alert all employees to the potential fines and legal sanctions that can come from violating EAR and ITAR restrictions on giving certain foreign nationals access to controlled U.S. technology. Upon completion of the program students can take the “Deemed Exports Test Assessment” test assessment.


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